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My FWB and I joined a swinging site, searching for couples. We’ve had a 3some collectively, and would love to explore more. Both are genuinely up for this. It is not one wanting it more. We are secure. Connect physically and mentally. Neither of us needs a relationship. We’re not possessive or exclusive.

My question/problem is this, we have chatted to a few couples in which we have found the man and woman attractive (I am bi-curious, he’s straight). But they have not developed into anything. The vast majority of the time the girl is a lot more attractive than the guy. I am definitely more straight than bi would be wonderful to have a guy for me although I love the bodies of women. We have arranged to meet with a few. Our first. She is gorgeous but he’s just average. He is tall that I seem intelligent and

June 28, 2019 / silverostrich894

Dear How to Do It,

I’ll be 50 this December, and my sweetheart of two years is a healthy and active 63. Our relationship is fun, supportive, passionate, and the sex is AMAZING. I am lucky to be one of those women who can orgasm over and over, and in our play sessions I often come ten times or more. My problem is him—in two years together, he has NEVER had an orgasm. We just play until I’m exhausted and happy and he gets tired. I don’t know if it’s age-related or what, but he also rarely gets a really rock-hard erection (with me) either. I’ve been with probably 10 men in my life (including two unhappy marriages), and I’m told I’m really good in bed. I’ve never had any problem getting men off orally or of course with vaginal or anal sex. He seems to have VERY specific ideas …

May 6, 2021 / silverostrich894

Hey guys. About connecting my spouse’s club, I am trying to ease my nerves. I have never joined a club with somebody I care about although I have been apart of one with friends with benefits. So I’m seeking some advice from couples that have been for the new couple to speak calm me down or a long time at a club. But because it is something she really 15, I wish to test it. And I really like seeing her happy. So any information would be great.

Talk about everything talk about it until you go. Clubs are fun as long as you go with the flow. Of course, sex is consensual, although They’re places in which the rules of behavior do not use. Men and some women have needs that are sexual that are high and from your comment, I guess that applies to your friend. My wife …

June 28, 2019 / silverostrich894

Each partner can increase knowledge and your skills. Always enjoyable to experience something new. It can make you love your partner more as they do, as you are not known by anybody else. Makes you be honest if you’re doing things right and communicate better.

I’ve always thought among the best advantages of swinging was the friendships I’ve made… if long or short term, if playmates or not, these have been people I can 100% be myself around, I do not feel the need to hide certain elements of my life and character out of (like my sexy/kinky side), as well as the conversations and connections constructed can be fantastic. By the way most of them (I live in Kansas) I found here, strictly recommend.

When situation and the chemistry are right – class gender is HELLA FUN.

It’s a fantastic way to meet with people. I am pretty …

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What is the best way? Various sites? Please do not say “you should consist of pictures aside from your penis in your profile” as discretion is crucial for me. I am delighted to discuss more pics upon interest in cock although I do know some people are currently searching for at least a penis. I guess I am just curious about the best path to take when seeking to meet with swinging couples that wish to invite a man. Does anyone have a good point with results?

But single men get a bad rap at the swinger community, which is deserved by their own activities. One is to read their profile if you meet what they’re searching for, to know. If you do why contact them? It makes like you did not read their profile or you seem aggressive. Be respectful and do not be pushy. For complimenting a few …

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He says he believes it’d be fun. Here is our issue. We are both middle-aged and I am carrying extra weight after a hysterectomy. It has been a struggle. Because I am not so much anymore and was smoking hot, I think my husband is afraid we’ll be rejected. He keeps saying he would rather wait till we both look & feel sexy, although I have recognized that I might never lose this weight. Should I give up the fantasy of swinging?

There are people who’ll find you attractive as there are.
Swinging isn’t much different from relationship as a single individual, but you will want to find two people appealing to’swipe ‘ to say.
But it’s double the pleasure when You find a Great game:-RRB-

Appearance and body dimensions are not as important with swinging. Yes, there’ll be some people who reject you but then proceed to the couple. …

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Hey, we have opted to jump back into swinging. We have not been to a club or anything. We want to try online. We joined 2 swinger sites. Assessing that we cant msg people on there, and after the trial. What I am asking is, is there a swinger website? Or an app?

No one is searching for us though it seems like nobody is looking or simply. Lol.

We’ve had some success with too but not good. We’ve not found a place online. I propose using SLS or here to find s home party (with a fantastic standing ) to go also, those are our best experiences.

We use 3Fun and the Feeld, both are freemium version and you may msg people from the versions that are free. Both have pros and cons.

Fabswingers and ASC are for both the US & UK. Been on the website …

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My husband and I are to a situation that is a cuckold. He doesn’t even need to play when he is given permission by me. Can he watch and attend? Is that an arrangement in a swingers party, for example here?

We are worried about anonymity. Is there a principle to keeping your mouth shut about other people’s activities or is currently sharing information game?

He says no, thank you if someone invites him. With whomever you’re currently playing, be sure they know he comes as a voyeur. . .or no deal (lots of people are fine with it so it will not be an issue ). At times, so it is apparent he is with you, he must be sitting on the edge of your mattress. . .things like this, but essentially, I have introduced it as,”I need him with me,” on the days that my spouse was …

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